Ishvari Tantra

Hi, I’m Ishvari!

I’m a Tantric Intimacy coach & bodyworker, and a workshop facilitator. I’m here to help you recognize your worth and create a lasting change in your life.

I wish to see you open, shining, happy.
Fully orgasmic and full of life.
My vision for you is to live a meaningful life, deeply center in the heart.

To feel freedom and live each day to the fullest.

I’m offering retreats and sessions in Europe and Asia, base in Ibiza. I fluently speak French & English.

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life?

You feel like you want your life to be more meaningful, that it is possible to achieve something much greater, but you don’t really know what it is, or what to do about it

Do you feel frustrated because you KNOW that you are not able to express your full potential in life?

Do you believe that love should be the driving force of your being, and that you want to experience life deeply centered in the heart?


I want to create a path for possibility, for empowerment, for sexual liberation,
for feeling freedom in your life, and living each day to the fullest.

After being in a deep and transformative journey over the past few years, diving between yoga practice, Kashmir Shaivism, Taoist and Tantric teachings, sacred temple dance, meditation retreats, and feminine work,

I now want to offer others the opportunity to discover their full potential and create a real change in their lives as I have.

How do you think I went from being a super shy
French country girl to a world traveling teacher?
If you want to know, continue reading…

Growing up in a very small village in the North of France, my thirst for learning and discovering the world was bigger than anything but, I was so shy, so insecure….and I mean BIG TIME!!!!

I started traveling all over the world, finding amazing places, meeting beautiful peoples…But I guess, what I wanted to find, was myself. During one of those excursion, I finally discover the world of yoga, meditation, shamanism and spirituality.

However, it was not until I found myself inThailand in a Tantric School, that I was really able to grasp, understand, and practice tantra…and expend my vision about it.

At that point, a new world opened to me!

A world that is full of magic, sensations, energy, new experiences, and blissful states… as well as, self-work, facing my shadow, limitations, jealousy, and ultimately learning self-acceptance…

Tantra comes with both sides, the light & the dark.

I lived in Asia for 6 years, where I became a certified Yoga Teacher and Tantra Instructor, and leading workshops all around the world.

I continued deepening my knowledge by studying pelvic floor massage and Odissi, a Classical Dance of India. It has been a huge source of inspiration in my life. A perfect mixture of femininity, refinement, devotion, surrender, hard work and dedication.

That kind of work has influence a lot my teaching that created a unique mixture of yoga, body awareness, sacred dance and tantric knowledge and practice.

As part of my path of empowering women and an outlet to express my creativity, I created a women’s clothing brand, Ishvari Creations. If you want to adorn yourself with goddess-like creations, check here!

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